IsnAce Transmissions Grand Rapids know that Motor Vehicles Crashes are terrible in every respect.  Not just trying to get the body fixed but the pain and frustration with all the problems with the vehicle that come during and after the body shop or dealership return your “repaired” vehicle.  “Good As New?”  Really?  Perhaps to your insurance Customer Service person sitting at the call desk in Pakistan it’s all cool, but to you it is just the beginning.  Not driving straight, shudders, squeaks, rubbing, electrical issues and perhaps the body repair was just not quite what you expected.   Sound familiar?  If not, then that’s awesome that you were made whole and kudos’s to your insurance company!!   But for some, not so.

At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids We Specialize in Transmissions and Drive Lines. Ace Transmissions has helped many customers that found themselves in this situation thinking that it was too late to get relief. If your vehicle has been in an accident and sustained a front, side or rear impact, the transmission or drive-line may need some attention.  Don’t be stuck with an expensive repair that is not you or your vehicles fault.

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At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, we WANT to invite you to our facility, talk to our ASE kCertified Technicians and Mechanics at any time.  You are encouraged to ride with our Technicians during our NO CHARGE DIAGNOSTIC, ask questions and visit us in our shop during the INSPECTION and/or repair of your Transmissions!!


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The answer may lie in the Physics.  Remember back in science class in school we learned that Albert Einstein came up with a law we just couldn’t or didn’t want to remember for that test?

The law of conservation of energy states that Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite.

If this is true then where did all the shock, horsepower and energy go when your vehicle hit or was hit by another car?  As you felt, all that energy was absorbed into the surrounding metal, parts, objects and transferred into anything else it touched.  This includes the tremendous shock, energy and impact to the body, tires, axles and yes – that powerful and expensive (yet fragile) Transmission.  Just like your human body your transmission may be banged up and sore too!  And here’s why.

imagesThe transmission takes energy from your motor and converts it into power for the wheels that make the car go.  It’s sole purpose is to DELIVER its energy, not ABSORB energy and impact force.

As that impact occurs the stress of the impact reverses the process and that energy goes from the wheels into the suspension and axles or drive shaft and straight into the transmission. Especially if the impact was to the front or side near the wheel.


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From the picture on the right you can see how the engine and transmission are connected to the wheels. Even a minor impact could cause a small misalignment, leak or small vibration in the transmissions external or internal components that will ultimately begin to get more severe over time. This will lead to a transmission failure.  The bad news is that it most likely will be later down the road unknown to your mechanic who didn’t check it in the first place. Your insurance company probably wont put the two together since they already closed the claim 6 months ago and because it wasn’t documented.   But you didn’t know! How could you?  Well, now you do.  And they do TOO!

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