The Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids repair process is very simple. When you call us or stop by for service this is the flow of what to expect.


  1. A Courteous Greeting.
  2. A discussion on what symptoms your vehicle is exhibiting and straight forward response to your concern.
  3. For an Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids appointment and service we will need your name, phone number and address. Also we’ll need your vehicle make, model and year.
  4. A form that allows us to perform the NO COST road test and drive line diagnostic will need to be signed and then your all set.
  5. We will Tag your keys with an Ace Transmission Key Tag and then your all set!

How easy is that?  Once your vehicle is in our facility for repair it is placed in line for the DIAGNOSTIC PHASE of our Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids Repair Process Chain.

There are only FOUR steps in our REPAIR Process. They are in order:

1. Starting the Process
3. The INSPECTION Service
4. The REPAIR Service