The Radiator Cools My What?

sfeeIt is clear that a large percentage of car owners know and understand what the radiator does.

The water pump circulates a liquid coolant/antifreeze through the engine block where it is heated, and then pushes the heated coolant through the radiator where moving air-cools it down to the proper temperature. As the radiator circulates contaminants and debris, its ability to circulate the correct amount of fluid decreases and eventually it clogs up, the engine overheats and well, you know the rest.

Because most customers understand this, it is sometimes easier to sell the radiator service in the winter and hot summers. This is when people can SEE the effects of heat on the engine in the form of steam and eventually being stranded.

But what most drivers don’t understand is that the radiator also cools the transmission fluid. As a service technician some take this for granted and assume the driver knows this, but they fail to mention it in our transmission service presentations.

The radiator system cools the transmission in the same way as the vehicles engine raddoes and is JUST AS critical to include in the presentation as if they were selling the coolant system flush by itself. The ability to GET the sale increases when the customer understands the “WHY You Should” rather than the “IF YOU DON’T” scenario and feeling trapped or bullied into the sale.

A customer who feels they are in control and made the decision based on your knowledgeable and professional advice is a happy sale. So they should explain how the radiator is a critical part of what keeps the transmission working properly by cooling and circulating the transmission fluid the same as the coolant, every time, and they can see how many positive responses you get in relation to when you didn’t.

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