We have all been in the situation where we needed someone to simply tell us where we ARE so that we can decide WHERE we want to go.

But sometimes people talk over our head or give us information that we don’t need or will help us.  This can be very frustrating especially when related to mechanics or automotive repair.

For example: How a Transmission should work.

At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, We know what you mean!

Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids believes the more you understand about how your transmission works the easier it is for you to make good informed decisions on the best way to repair it.

At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, we WANT to invite you to our facility, talk to our ASE kCertified Technicians and Mechanics at any time.  You are encouraged to ride with our Technicians during our NO CHARGE DIAGNSOTIC, ask questions and visit us in our shop during the INSPECTION and/or repair of your Transmissions!!

When it comes to explaining what is happening with your transmission, trust Ace to NEVER talk over your head.