As you may have seen from our entertaining video “Signs”, there are Transmission Good Signs and Troubling Signs.  Here are a list of Transmission Trouble Signs in random order:

  1. Shuddering or Jerking
  2. Slipping out of gear
  3. Grinding or Rattling
  4. Wont Go
  5. Leaking Fluid or Burning Smell
  6. Clutch Drag or Doesn’t Work
  7. Check Engine or Service Light
  8. Humming or Whining Noise

sesAt Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, we believe the best way to help you is to provide you the best information as quickly as possible so you can make the best decision regarding the repair of your car.  This is important for the fact that the longer you drive or operate your vehicle with transmission problems the more damage occurs and by extension the more expensive the repair becomes. It is critical for you to get a Diagnostic on your transmission as soon as possible and find out what is causing the transmission issue. 

That is why we have offered a NO CHARGE DIAGNOSTIC since 1989!

At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, when we recondition or rebuild a transmission we try to reuse as much of your GOOD parts as possible, saving you money.  But we warranty your parts just as if they were replaced as new.  That is a WIN WIN.  You pay less for the repair with the same 2 year 24,000 mile warranty.

At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, we WANT to invite you to our facility, talk to our ASE kCertified Technicians and Mechanics at any time.  You are encouraged to ride with our Technicians during our NO CHARGE DIAGNOSTIC, ask questions and visit us in our shop during the INSPECTION and/or repair of your Transmissions!!


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Your transmission is set up as a complex mechanical and fluid relay system.  It’s Input and output power mechanisms operate very much like a row of dominoes that are set up standing in a row. They push or pull the next part in line.  However If you remove, misaligne or change a domino, it either stops or they do not dwork the way you wanted.  In a transmission if a part fails things change, it operates differently, then that part affects the next part in line and so on.  This is called systemic failure, one system damage caused by another in line.

fIf the car computer determines that there is something wrong in the transmission it will turn on the CHECK ENGINE light and store a code.  It will then try to compensate by changing how the transmissions operates such as line pressure or shift points.   This is good in a way that it keeps the vehicle moving but bad in a way that it masks the symptoms sometimes in a way you may not notice until later. This causes people to delay having the transmission checked out immediately putting more stress on the transmissions other internal systems that possibly are still OK such as the pump, clutches or gears.  This systemically creates more wear and damage to other parts because of excess heat and friction that eventually will lead to transmission failure.

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