I would have to say the number one question of all time when people call is, “How much is it going to cost for a NEW transmission for my car?”

?This in itself is probably not surprising since we are a Transmission Shop, right?  However to get to the answer of the question we have to ask a question, “Why do you think you need a NEW transmission?”

Some customers ask the question because they need to face the the worse case scenario right up front.  Others because they have already had their mechanic or a brake shop look at it and have been told they need a new transmission.  But when we ask the customer what their mechanic had told them was wrong with the transmission most of the time they say they weren’t told or they do not know.  “They just said I need a new one.”

In all fairness to the customer and mechanic most general repair shops, even dealerships for that matter stay away from repairing or diagnosing specific internal transmission failures.  It is faster and easier for the shop to sell the customer a NEW eektransmission since they have no expertise or qualified builder to repair it.

The customer pays for convenience of the shop rather than paying for the repair they need. This is why Ace Transmission exists.  We bring in qualified and talented Builders and Master Technicians to do just that, repairs they need.

The reality is that most transmissions don’t need to be replaced, they can be repaired and most likely less expensively.  But there is one more important factor to consider perhaps more paramount than the cost.

Throwing The Baby Out With The Water

When the car was built bran new the marriage between the motor and transmission was born.  If the manufacturing process was correct, the quality and integrity of the the parts were true and the new vehicle owners properly maintained it,  then the car should give miles and miles of trouble free driving.   In a sense, If you have a lot of miles on your troubled transmission perhaps if it were repaired correctly, it could perform as it did before.  It has been said that you may not find a better transmission than the one you have, it was made for your car.  I would recommend repairing it.

If the transmission failed early on with very few miles and its a catastrophic failure, you should really want to know why.  You would also want to know if it is common for those units to fail early on and if there are recalls, updates or additional information that would help in its repair.

Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids believes the more you understand about how your transmission works the easier it is for you to make good informed decisions on the best way to repair it.

esWhen you call shops by phone, watch out for the repair shop LOW BALLER!!  Read This: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly..  Low Ball Estimates.

At Ace Transmissions Grand Rapids, we WANT to invite you to our facility, talk to our ASE kCertified Technicians and Mechanics at any time.  You are encouraged to ride with our Technicians during our NO CHARGE DIAGNOSTIC, ask questions and visit us in our shop during the INSPECTION and/or repair of your Transmissions!!