A transmission slipping or a slip has been described by many Ace Transmissions – Plainfield callers as ” the engine rev’s up but the car does not accelerate” or it feels as if they “shifted the car into neutral”.    It may also be described as “falling out of gear” or simply “the car wont move”. Sometimes people are not sure if it is the transmission or the engine.

This condition is merely a symptom of other problems that exist either inside or outside your transmission.  For example here are causes or reasons a transmissions might slip:

  • Transmission Fluid is Low or Leaking
    • Automatic Transmission fluid is typically RED, however a couple of  manufacturers have different colors.  Why? In my humble opinion, because the ones that design the cars typically aren’t the ones themselves that have to repair them,  but – that’s another article.  As you know your vehicle has many different kinds of fluids in it that make it run.
    • Each fluid typically has a specific color to identify what kind of fluid it is. The whole purpose of having the red color for transmission fluid is so that you KNOW that it is from the transmission, especially if is leaking from somewhere.
  • The Clutch.
    • All transmissions utilize clutches in one form or another to change gears. Manual Transmissions typically  what you’ll see is a worn out clutch that has become too thin. Likely also, if there is a fluid leak you may see problems in shifting, grinding or slipping. Automatic transmissions contain clutch plates throughout the transmission as well as in the torque converter which may become worn or burnt from inadequate transmission fluid. To fix this, you will have to get the clutch plates replaced immediately and also change the fluid.